All about transport

Today in Sign Language Club, we learnt some signs for transport:

  • car
  • bus
  • taxi
  • bicycle
  • walk
  • train
  • motorbike
  • aeroplane

We have started to put these into conversations where we can tell someone our favourite mode of transport and how we get to school. Remember to keep practising at home and let me know if there are any others that you would like to learn.

We also had a go at the games on this website:
Remember that some of these signs are regional so may be different to the signs we have learnt. Just like how people around the UK have different accents!

See you next week 🙂

Summer signs and activities for home!

Today we learnt some signs to get ready for summer! We learnt how to sign summer, sun, hot, holiday, sunglasses, t-shirt, shorts and beach. We were also saying sentences and starting to have conversations with each other using these signs.

At the end, we watched these ladies signing Makaton to “Summer Holiday”. As we learn BSL in our club, some of these are different to the signs we have learnt but it gives you an idea:

Also, we had a go at a fun BSL fingerspelling wordsearch! See if you can have a go at home:


Easter songs!

This week, we have started to learn some signs for Easter:

We have also been learning some songs that we are hoping to perform to the younger children in the school!

Here they are for you to practise:

Let me know in the comments how you are getting on!

Miss Firstbrook 🙂


This week we finished off learning about colours and sang/signed “Sing a Rainbow”. After that, we learnt how to sign numbers. We can now tell someone what our age is and ask someone what their age is.


Welcome back and happy new year!

This week we learnt how to sign the names of colours. We then learnt how to tell someone what our favourite colour is and ask someone what their favourite colour is. After that, we were able to sign the names of colours that we like and dislike.